What I do

I spend most of my day working at Chemuniqué, I manage their digital presence and work alongside the rest of their marketing team.

I built their new website in an effort to add more value to their customers, providing more information about the products they sell.

Whether it is digital business cards or ad design, I have my hand in innovating it all.

I have created an internal portal called the “Hive”, where team members can share interesting articles, post notices, access company policies, apply for leave, RSVP to company events, order branded marketing items on an ecommerce store, etc. The Hive is a continuously growing tool for use by team members.

Visit the website

The Hive, Chemuniqué’s internal portal where team members can post updates from the field, download corporate stationary & documents, process leave, claim expenses, order branded items for events and much more. The Hive continues to grow as more items are added or as needs arise.

Chemuniqué’s internal marketing catalogue available on the Hive team members can fill out a marketing event application and order branded items for their events, the marketing catalogue is a fully functional web-store, managing stock levels and keeping records of who ordered what.

Tags: Digital design / Ecommerce / Logo design / MailChimp integration / Mobile responsive / On-page SEO / Search engine optimisation / WordPress website